Krogerfeedback.Com and Customer Feedback Importance

An Introduction to Kroger Company

Kroger is one of the most popular supermarket chains in the United States. The largest retail chain was established in Cincinnati, Ohio in the year 1883. The founder of the company was Bernard Kroger. Kroger is the 2nd largest retail chain in the US after Walmart. In the global level ranking, Kroger is positioned at third position. Kroger is currently operating 2270 supermarkets, superstores, departmental stores, and hypermarkets all around the United States. In addition, Kroger has 1360 fuel centers, around 2120 pharmacies, and 325 jewelry stores.

How to Enter Sweepstakes without Making Any Purchase at Kroger?

As you know that satisfaction survey is conducted online for which you need to have a valid purchase receipt for the current period. However, there is another way by which you can take part in the customer satisfaction survey without making a purchase at Kroger stores. For that, you need to send a handwritten post that contains your credentials such as name, address, phone number, and email address. You need to post this card to this mailing address, Customer Survey Monthly Sweepstakes, PMI Station, PO Box 3547, Southbury, CT 06488-3547.

Importance of Kroger Feedback Customer Satisfaction Survey

Why there is a need to conduct a customer satisfaction survey for the company? Being the number one retailer in the world, why it needs to invite customers to provide their feedback? Since Kroger is a successful company, why it needs to waste time on such kinds of surveys?

Well, the answer is quite simple but logical. Although Kroger is running its business most effectively and successfully, there is always competition is the market. To stay ahead of the competitors, companies need to concentrate on their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Customer is the only sources that can help the company know about its functioning.

Kroger has formulated survey method which is conducted on regular basis. In the customer satisfaction survey, the participants tell the company about their overall experiences at the stores while shopping. It is the most valuable source that informs the company where there is a need for improvement.

Customer feedback helps the company to highlight the areas where improvement is needed. As we know that Kroger customer feedback survey contains general questions regarding the shopping experience at the stores. It also asks the participants to tell their feelings about the availability of products, services, prices, staff attitude, and environment.

To maintain the key position among the leading brands, Kroger has to bring improvements in its business according to modern trends. Customers will soon switch to other stores if the company fails to keep pace with the changing shopping habits and needs of the customers. Since the options are abundant, it is the need of the hour to take customer feedback.

Therefore, Kroger always keeps its customer's feedback at the forefront. A survey is an online form that takes a few minutes to be done. All the customers who have recently visited the stores are invited to take part in the survey and provide their candid feedback.

What Is The Purpose Of The Customer Feedback Survey?

What is the purpose of the Kroger customer feedback satisfaction survey and how it is beneficial for the company and customers? The company takes the survey with the following purposes in mind, have a look;

  1. The most potent reason for conducting the survey is to enhance the shopping experience of the customers at Kroger stores.

  2. The purpose of initiating the survey is to know more about customer's feelings regarding the quality of products, price compared to overall product cost, staff generosity, and environment.

  3. Kroger wants to meet and exceed its customer’s expectations by delivering the best possible products and services.

  4. The purpose of taking the survey is to improve customer care. The staff is supposed to be more generous to its clients so that they come back again and again.


After reading the detailed information about Kroger Company, survey, and Kroger feedback rewards, you must ensure that the next time you visit any of the Kroger stores; you keep the purchase receipt safe for participating in the survey online. It is a great way to help the company to improve its products and services for the betterment of customers. Your opinions, suggestions, and feedback are actually an indirect help for the company to improve customer experience in the future.